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October 3, 2018 – Local 50 TOWNHALL (Bargaining Update - Key Messages/Q&A)

Bargaining Process

Elected Bargaining Team members negotiate points of discussion through the AUPEs Lead Representative (Dale Perry).  Mr. Perry addresses our concerns directly with management at the table.  If/when matters of contention may arise your Bargaining Team will “caucus” away from management, so as to ensure a consistent, unified, and insightful argument is tabled when Management and the Bargaining Team reconvene discussion.   - This works to ensure consistent messaging as well as leaving negotiations in the hand of a qualified expert.  

How is Bargaining going? 

Though a number of outstanding issues requiring discussion have yet to be resolved your Committee was pleased with last round of meetings and feels that a discussions are gaining momentum and management has been pleasant.  However, the monetary package remains at zero and outstanding articles have not been signed off 

What is being bargained if monetary items appear “off the table”?

A number of concerns (that were not monetary) were identified during the survey that are being argued on the membership’s behalf as well. Such items as Job Classification, Contracting Out, Benefits, Expressions of Interest, Job Postings, etc.  Essentially every issue identified through discussions and surveys at the onset of negotiation is being tables; and tabled with vigour. 

Essential Services Agreement

An Essential Services Agreement is the required step in the negotiating process when it appears that discussion may not be mutually engaging.  The ESA process serves to identify employees would be deemed “essential” in the event of a lockout or strike.  This process is separate to bargaining and puts the employer on Notice that discussions are stalling and it could be feared that next steps be taken. 

Does enacting an ESA mean that a strike is imminent? 

No, it is only a required step in the Bargaining process when it “appears” to the Bargaining Team that meaningful discussion are not taking place, or dialogue is breaking down. 

In closing, the bargaining team would like to apologies for any technological issues that prevented you from ”dialing” in from satellite regions to the Town hall meeting and would like to repeat to you that we remain steadfast on all issues; remaining committed to moving things forward for you. In addition we would also like to  remind all of the importance of responding to any Surveys that are sent out; as this (along with conversations and meetings) are the only way to ensure we identify and capture the issues that are important 

Thank you

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact a member of your Bargaining Team. 

Deb Coulas
Micheal Croteau
Chad Goeree
Jennifer Clavette
Dave Klein
Chris Bielecki


Dale Perry Negotiator

1-800-232-7284 or

Dave Malka Organizer

1-800-232-7284 or

Mariam Ibrahim Communications 

1-800-232-7284 or

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