August 1, 2018 Bargaining Update

Bargaining Update

After 13 dates of meetings with our employer; your Bargaining Committee is now able to report that we have submitted our entire proposal and received/reviewed the employers. Thus far both parties have been able to agree completely with the sign off of 26 articles relating to language, most of which deal with gender neutrality, as well as some minor housekeeping items.

At this time, there are still a number of outstanding issues requiring discussion. Most notably, almost every item you identified during our “Bargaining SURVEY 2017” as being a key issue to you, has yet to receive any significant dialogue or consideration from the employer. Though we are looking forward to future dialogue and discussion with the AGLC Management Bargaining Team, we are sensing a consistent melody from the employer emerging regarding negotiations that need to be communicated to you now.

Our concerns being referenced above can be most easily demonstrated by the following:

The number of days we have had for discussions compared to just how many Articles (that did not relate to gender neutral language or “housekeeping”) that have yet to be signed off and/or agreed upon. There are approximately 27 articles are currently outstanding.

The employer has rejected a proposal that all temporary positions be made available to all employees formally.

A rejection by the employer to provide definitions of “Harassment” in your collective agreement. For example, currently there is no terminology defining “bullying” or outlining the protection of basic rights within our agreement. (It should not go without mention to you that without a definition on these terms, employees could be left vulnerable and at risk without the educational direction your Agreement provides). It was also suggested by our Bargaining Team that in the absence of the Government of Alberta’s and/or AUPEs definition, perhaps the AGLCs definition could be used and echoed in the Agreement. Without explanation or rationale…this too was refused by our employer.

The Employer’s monetary package includes zero wage increases for two years, with a “wage re-opener” in the third year.

These variables, coupled with the employer’s monetary position, have highlighted a few of the hurdles we have yet to overcome with bargaining.

It has been as a result of the employer’s position and dialogue on items such as these, that we have been advised that the next step for the Bargaining Committee is to proceed with an Essential Services Agreement (ESA). An ESA is a required step in the negotiation process for us at this time. (For more information about an ESA please contact a Bargaining Committee Member)

At this time, your Bargaining Team remains optimistic about future discussion with our employer and is committed to advancing the dialogue around your identified concerns and issues.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact a member of your Bargaining Team.

Thank You

Deb Coulas
Micheal Croteau
Chad Goeree
Jennifer Clavette
Dave Klein
Chris Bielecki

Dale Perry Negotiator
1-800-232-7284 or
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December 6, 2017 Bargaining Update

The committee has met on November 27th-28th and December 4th-6th, 2017 with the employer. We had meaningful dialogue with the employer about significant issues with our proposal. We have made some progress and have signed off on 14 articles with current language and/or house keeping changes. 

We are looking to set more dates in January and February to continue the bargaining process. 

We ask for continued support from our members. 


There is good news for Alberta Union of Provincial Employees members from the Public Service Pension (PSP) Board.

For the first time since 2006, the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP) is fully funded, meaning the assets of the plan have reached a high enough level to provide AUPEmembers their pension benefits earned under the PSPP.

We are also pleased to inform you that the PSP Board has approved an assessment report that reveals a much-improved funded position of the PSPP, and has approved a variable rate reduction between 1.4 and 1.9 per cent, based on an annual income threshold of $55,300, which means more money in your pocket. (read more...)

Bargaining Update

The committee has asked for many changes and additions to the collective agreement. Be advised over 75,000 AUPE members are currently in bargaining this year and are hoping for good results. The Local 50 Bargaining Committee has 5 dates this falls to bargain with the employer. 

Disability Management Program Grievance/Arbitration

Recently AUPE has mailed out a memo to all Local 50 members about the status of the disability management program grievance/arbitration. If you have not received the letter in the mail, please contact your Local 50 Chair, Peter Snowdon.

Points West Living Cold Lake Members Ratify Agreement, Lockout Ends

Our Sisters and Brothers at Points West Living Cold Lake have ratified their agreement and the lockout ends. 

COLD LAKE – Seniors care workers at Points West Living (PWL) Cold Lake ratified a first collective agreement June 22, ending an employer lockout that began Dec. 16. (Read more..)

Bill 4: Know your bargaining rights. Learn how new labour laws may affect you.

Alberta’s labour relations landscape is changing. The Alberta government passed a new labour relations law this spring that could impact your collective bargaining rights. Until now in Alberta, most public sector workers have been under a blanket ban preventing them from exercising their fundamental right to strike in the case of a bargaining dispute. Bill 4, An Act to Implement a Supreme Court Ruling Governing Essential Services, reverses that ban for most public sector workers. It also ensures that the most essential services in Alberta aren’t interrupted in the case of a strike. So what does this mean and how will it affect you? (Read more..)

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